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Wolfforth is in the southwestern part of Lubbock County in Texas. The town offers its residents a suburban atmosphere with proximity to the amenities of a larger city. Wolfforth experiences a semi-arid climate characterized by hot summers and relatively mild winters. The summer days are generally hot, occasionally reaching extreme temperatures. The transition between seasons brings cooler evenings and occasional rain showers, which can impact roofs. Winters are considered mild, with infrequent snowfall or frost occurrences. Spring in Wolfforth is marked by occasional thunderstorms and increased wind speeds, posing potential roof challenges.

Excel Construction Group has more than 26 years of experience providing roofing services for residential and commercial properties. We have experts who can help install or replace roofs by providing quality workmanship and durability. Given the weather conditions, residential and commercial property owners should consider taking necessary measures to ensure the durability and protection of their roofs.

Excel Construction Group: Wolfforth Residential Roofing

Excel Construction Group ensures the longevity and resilience of your residential roofing services. Our skilled professionals specialize in high-quality residential roofing solutions in Wolfforth, Texas. From roof repair to installations, we prioritize aesthetics and durable roofs that protect your residents from semi-arid climates.

Excel Construction Group: Wolfforth Commercial Contractors

Excel Construction Group’s experienced team excels in offering top-notch commercial roofing solutions. Whether you need installation, repairs or renovations, we are dedicated to enhancing the functionality and durability of your commercial property. We work to ensure proper functionality, efficiency and compliance with all applicable regulations. If you are looking for someone who can do it, Excel Construction Group is here to help.

Excel Construction Group: Roof Repair in Wolfforth

When your roof needs attention, call us for reliable and prompt repair services in Wolfforth, Lubbock. Our skilled professionals are equipped to handle different roofing issues, ensuring your business or home stays protected. We’ve covered you with effective and efficient roof repair solutions for everything from roof leaks to storm damage.

Get Your Roof Inspected for Free Today!

Excel Construction Group grabs the opportunity to get the roof inspected for free. Don’t compromise on the aspect of integrity and safety of your roof. Our skilled professionals will evaluate and provide valuable insights related to the condition of your roof. Contact us to schedule a complimentary roof inspection and ensure long-lasting protection for the property.


In Wolfforth, we offer many residential and commercial roofing services, including roof installations and repairs, tarping to prevent leakage, and comprehensive maintenance of various roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, metal roofs, tile roofs, and flat roofs. You can rest easy knowing that your roof will be well protected with Excel Construction Group.

We provide an extensive array of trade services, including, but not limited to, gutter replacements, siding, window, and door repairs or replacements, exemplary interior/exterior remodelling, and water mitigation.

Yes!! We have experience working on residential and commercial roofing projects in Wolfforth, Lubbock. No matter the size or complexity of the project, Excel Construction Group is up to the challenge.

Depending on the size, complexity, and type of material installed on your roof, the installation
timeline can vary from 1 day to almost a month. For example, a regular architectural shingle installation can take a day or two, depending on the complexity of your roof. Contrastingly, if you are installing a metal roof on your larger home, the process could take up to a month. You can contact your contractor if needed, who will happily estimate your timeline!

We accept checks, money orders, and credit card payments and provide financing options if needed.

Absolutely! Excel Construction Group is always happy to provide a free roofing estimate to home or business owners in Wolfforth, TX. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form, and one of our expert contractors will be in touch to set up a consultation.

Yes! Our contractors have extensive experience working and partnering with insurance companies to restore your home. Your contractor will guide you through the insurance process to help your claim proceed quickly and easily.
Yes! Our Roofing contractors can provide a free, no-obligation estimate for all our services.
Excel Construction Group provides home and business owners with a lifetime workmanship warranty if unforeseen issues arise for you, your home, or your business. Additionally, we have established relationships with leading roofing material manufacturers who provide you with warranties on your shingles to ensure that your roof is taken care of for years to come.
Yes! Here at Excel Construction Group, we offer 24/7 emergency services, including the tarping of roofs, window boarding, water extraction and mitigation, mold cleanup and removal, and fire and flood damages. Our professional disaster response team is ready to be of service to mitigate any further loss or damage and bring your property back to pre-loss condition.
Yes. Our Roofing contractors can provide expert advice and material recommendations based on your budget, aesthetic preferences, climate, and local building codes to help you choose the best roofing material for your home. Our contractors are also highly knowledgeable on the variations of materials and will ensure you are happy and satisfied with your new roof!
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