Excel Construction Group


From reconstruction to adding foundation and upgrading your existing roofing system, Excel Construction Group combines the best materials that tailor to your job’s specific needs with superior quality. We have in-depth experience with all phases of commercial construction including storm restoration and both interior & exterior remodel.

Excel Construction Group works closely with architects, engineers, building owners, commercial developers, and other professional stakeholders to find solutions that are both cost-efficient and effective. We have a reputation for taking as much care in communication as we do in construction. Take a look at some of our services below and see how Excel Construction Group can help you create solutions to your commercial building needs.


Excel Construction Group provides comprehensive commercial and industrial roofing services to clients of all sizes.
We have a solution for every building, whether a small business, a school, a government institution, a manufacturing plant, or a farm.
We are committed to offering cost-effective and timely services to repair, restore, or replace your roofing system. We recognize the need to safeguard your structure and its contents, whatever they may be. We are experts in TPO, PVC, modified bitumen, EPDM, and asphalt rock-balance roofing.


Whether you’re establishing a new medical clinic or expanding current facilities, you need a commercial contractor familiar with the design and construction problems particular to these projects.
Excel Construction Group has more than 30 years of experience, and our extensive skills allow us to tailor all of our services to construct your medical building.


Excel Construction Group is proud to build modular designs and prefabricated buildings that property owners in and out of Texas can use for all their needs. Our experts have years of experience, and we have constructed everything from small apartment buildings to big factories and warehouses all over the US. No matter what your project is, we can help you with industrial construction services because we have done more than 600 projects. By customizing our services, our workers make sure to meet the needs of each client. One thing that never changes is how committed and passionate we are about making a product that will last for decades and meet your needs.


Heavy industrial construction contractors work on a wide range of large-scale projects, but building a sports facility from the ground up can be a challenging task. Excel Construction Group is proud to have proven experience building sports facilities and the specialized skills needed to design and build multi-purpose sports complexes. We handle these unique projects for professional, scholastic, and community organizations nationwide.


We equip our team with what they need to not only be successful, but to also put our customers first. We do this through job training, training with vendors/manufacturers, material/product knowledge, and strict safety practices. Excel Construction Group currently holds seventeen certifications including OSHA, HUB, DBE and MBE, and certified with all major manufacturers in the US.


The growing admiration of metal roofing is often due to its versatility, variety of options, and ability to be customized for each structure, which includes color, shape, style, and much more. Metal roofing is designed to last decades longer than other common roofing materials. Depending on the metal used, most metal roofs last at least 50 years without rusting or degradation.


TPO is the fastest-growing commercial roofing membrane on the market today. TPO roofing membranes are attractive solutions in warmer regions with more cooling degree days than heating degree days when cooling equipment is used. TPO membranes reflect UV radiation, allowing the roof to stay cooler during summer. This helps reduce cooling costs and carbon emissions.


PVC membrane roofing is a high-performance, low-slope roofing option. Because PVC membranes are naturally strong, waterproof, and resistant to fire, they can be used as an affordable and long-lasting roofing material. These membranes can stand up to some of the toughest stresses and have been proven to support and protect roofs throughout the world.


EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, is a robust synthetic rubber roofing membrane widely used on low-slope buildings in the U.S. and worldwide. An ENERGY STAR-approved coating can be applied to designs that need a colored surface. The EPDM surface forms a strong bond with the coating, which helps it last longer. EPDM has a high emissivity (the percentage of absorbed energy a material can radiate away from itself).


Modified Bitumen, or “Mod Bit” sheets, are mostly made of polymer-modified bitumen that is strengthened with one or more plies of fabric like polyester, glass fiber, or a mix of the two. Modified bitumen sheets are assembled in factories with high standards for quality control. They are made to have uniform thickness and are manufactured to have consistent physical properties throughout the sheet.


Roof coatings are made to protect and extend the life of roof systems and roof coverings, like BUR, metal, modified bitumen, single-ply membranes, and spray polyurethane foam. Roof coatings are thicker and have a higher percentage of solids than paint. They are designed to protect roofs from the harmful effects of weather and the environment. They are designed to provide protection for a longer duration and are highly elastic.