Excel Construction Group


At Excel Construction Group, we only have one thing to offer our clients: competent people who know how to solve problems and get the job done right. Our experienced environmental consultants are committed to providing their clients with technically sound and cost-effective solutions. No surprises — No excuses.


Leaks can be hard to find in your home or business. Believe us; we get it! We’re homeowners with a million other things we’d rather be worried about. We’ve got you covered whether there are leaks in your walls, under your slab, in your yard, windows, roofs, or stucco. It’s one of those things where the sooner you fix it, the cheaper and easier it is to get back to normal. We make it cheaper than you might think. The truth is that leak detection has become pretty easy. Thanks to new methods and tools. We work all over Texas & Colorado to find the most hard-to-find leaks. We have found leaks accurately hundreds of times in all kinds of communities.


We’ll be there within an hour of your call, day or night. We can help if a pipe burst while you were away for the weekend, a toilet or tub overflowed, or your house got flooded. We offer water removal, extraction, drying out, and more. We take care of all kinds of water damage, such as water removal, sewage removal, and flood clean-up. We’ll fully restore your home, office, or store without subcontracting. We can remove wet carpet and pad, as well as wet baseboards, walls, and ceilings. We can also extract water, dry out the area, then rebuild and restore. Your space will look brand new in no time at all.


Let’s say the obvious: mold is gross, stale, toxic, and sometimes hard to find. By the time you find mold spores in your home or business, it may have already spread to many rooms and surfaces. No matter how big or small the water damage is, it can create a warm, moist environment where mold can grow. This can be caused by a minor plumbing leak or a natural flood. We can clean up and get rid of mold in homes in Texas quickly and easily. If your home or business was damaged by water and you didn’t hire a professional to dry it out, mold may grow. For a free consultation, get in touch with our team of mold removal experts. Our remediation experts will make sure the area is free of contaminants, work with your insurance company, and take steps to keep spores from coming back.