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Bricking Your Dreams

Excel provides high-quality masonry construction services to high-end, multifamily, residential, and commercial clients. We have completed projects in and around San Antonio, Ft. Worth, Austin, Dallas, Plano, and Houston. If you need a trustworthy masonry construction contractor for your job, we can find you one. We offer a wide range of masonry services, such as:


Stone masonry is a popular way to build walls in Texas. People have been using this method to build structures for thousands of years. In this modern way of building, structural walls are usually built first with a weather barrier. Then, stone veneer is added to the wall, which rests on a 5 ½ inch brick ledge. We ensure that the structure is strong and long-lasting and can withstand the weather outdoors. Our company only uses high-quality materials and the best people to work on the project.


With thin set mortars and lath, thin veneers of materials like natural stone or brick are put on the surface of walls in this type of masonry. This method can be used on new construction or on walls that are already there. Since these veneers are less than 2 inches thick, they don’t add much weight to the wall structure or affect its strength.


Stucco is a cement-based plaster that covers walls and other surfaces inside and outside buildings. It is made from cement, sand, and lime, and when it hardens, it becomes a very durable material that doesn’t require much maintenance and can have different textures and finishes. Stucco is usually put on top of lath, a galvanized wire mesh that helps the stucco stick to the surface and strengthens the whole thing. Usually, stucco is mixed on-site. Stucco has a look that is both unique and elegant. We have much experience with this method, and we’ve used it on multifamily homes and custom homes for clients all over Texas.


Retaining walls are built in a unique way to support a landscape and keep soil from washing away in the outdoor areas of a property. If your land is sloped and you want to build some outdoor features, you will need to excavate and level it before you start building. But the slope needs support, so retaining walls are built. These walls could be made of brick, natural stone, concrete, or even concrete masonry blocks. Sometimes a mix of materials is used to create resilient and long-lasting landscape retaining walls.


CMUs, or concrete masonry units, are usually used to make elevator shafts and structural walls. The CMU blocks come in different shapes and sizes, making building with these units practical. We use these unique materials to build big and small buildings, as well as retaining walls. Some of the concrete masonry units are solid all the way through, but others are hollow. We will use suitable bricks and stones for your project and your needs.