Excel Construction Group


Excel Construction Group offers a wide variety of window and door options to suit your home! Whether you are looking for fiberglass doors, wood doors, or steel doors. Or whether fiberglass windows, vinyl windows, aluminum windows, and wood windows. Excel Construction Group is here to help you pick the right windows and doors for your property! We offer a wide selection of stock and custom options!

Whether it takes one meeting or three meetings, we pride ourselves on allowing customers to take the time they need. We provide a customized service and educate our customers on all their options so they can make the best design decision based on their budget!


Strong, beautiful, long lasting and durable. Milgard windows and patio doors are designed with stunning architectural style and superior performance:

  • Feel secure in your investment with an industry leading warranty.
  • Choose from the highest quality materials and styles designed not only to complement your home, but open and close easily.
  • Express your creativity and dramatically increase your home’s curb appeal with grid options and trim colors.


Now available in 16 versatile prefinished colors, the Expert Finish® color collection is guaranteed to look great and remain durable for years to come due to a factory finish with acrylic latex paint. Expert Finish Lap also features a proprietary joint that helps you avoid the need for seam caulking, joint molds, or pan flashing.

LP® Smart Side® Expert Finish® Trim & Siding can take your vision to the next level with several exclusive products designed to add style and a clean finish to your home. Siding and trim in colors that pop can make your home stand out, while additional details create a polished look that’ll last.


When it comes to buying new windows, there’s a lot to consider. Do you want wood, fiberglass or vinyl windows? How do you want your window to open and close? Are you looking for windows that are more long-lasting or energy efficient?

Pella Doors

Give Your Windows & Doors the Recognition They Deserve With the Beauty of Pella® Products. Quality is at the Heart of What We Do. Our Testing Ensures Our Products Are Built to Last.