Whom should I call for storm damage repairs of my roof?

Whom should I call for storm damage repairs of my roof?

When a storm strikes and damages your roof, it’s crucial to act quickly to prevent further damage and protect your home. You can call the right professional for storm damage repairs, which is essential to ensure the job is done effectively and safely. In this blog post, we’ll discuss whom you should call for storm damage repairs on your roof and why they are the best choice for the job.

storm damage repairs of my roof

Your Insurance Company

First and foremost, you should contact the homeowner’s insurance company before you call your roofer. On the call, you can inform them to initiate the claim process. Your insurer might ask a few questions about extending the damage and if you notice any problems. It’s okay if you must be aware of the questions’ answers. 

While on the call, the insurance company might inform you about the policy and what is included in it. They might also communicate the deductible, an amount you are required to pay towards repairs. 

Dealing with insurance claims might be challenging, especially after the storm hits. A reputable roofing contractor work with insurance company and might help you through the entire process, which includes documenting the damage, filing the claim, and negotiating with the insurance company to get actual and fair compensation for the repairs.

Your Roofing Company

Your Roofing Company

Call your local roofing company once you get off the phone with your insurer. You might require them to assess the damage and begin the entire repair process as soon as it starts. In the coming days, you might suffer from extensive water damage. In addition, roof materials might blow off and cause damage to other structures. 

Professional roofers should give you a good idea about what’s being wrong. It offers them an estimate for the repairs or replacement you can relay to your insurance company. In case your roof needs extensive repairs, your roofer might make some quick fixes to protect the complete repair that can be made. 

Always make sure that the roof company you contact is local and can help you deal with the issues. Stay away from storm chasers, that is, roofers who roll through town after a storm and then leave. These roofers tend to do sub-par work and are tough to contact after the fact.


In summary, when it comes to storm damage repairs to your roof, the best choice is to call a licensed, insured, and experienced roofing contractor. They have the experience and resources to handle storm damage effectively and ensure that the roof is restored to its pre-storm condition. If a storm has damaged your roof, don’t delay; call a professional roofing contractor to schedule an inspection and repair work. 

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