Whom should I call for storm damage repairs of my roof?

Storm Damage In Texas

Last week, Texas experienced a series of severe storms that unleashed destructive winds, hail, and torrential rainfall across the state. Dallas Fort Worth metroplex was a tough hit that has led to shattering windows, damaging vehicles, and causing extensive roof damage to businesses and homes.

Recent storms are a stark reminder of severe weather’s unpredictable and destructive nature. Texas begins with the process of rebuilding and recovery so residents can stay informed, be prepared, and take the necessary steps to ensure their safety during weather events.

When facing the threat of severe storms in Texas, it becomes a proactive action that can help to minimize damage and ensure safety. This blog will explore some steps to prepare your roof for storm damage in Texas.

Proactive Actions To Reduce Storm Damage

Proactive Actions To Reduce Storm Damage

  • Stay Informed: – Monitor weather forecasts and warnings from trusted sources like the National Weather Service or local news channels. Sign up for more weather alerts through weather forecasts. Communicate with your friends and family to remain updated about the weather conditions in Texas.
  • Create a Plan: – Develop a family emergency plan that involves a designated meeting place, communication methods, and evacuation routes. Ensure that every family member is familiar with the plan. There needs to be proper communication between the family members to remain focused in case of an emergency.
  • Keep Emergency Kit: – Assemble and keep a basic emergency kit with essentials like water, non-perishable food, medications, flashlight, batteries, and fit aid kit. Remember to include important documents and cash in a waterproof container. If any storm is approaching, stay indoors and away from windows. Seek your shelter in a basement or interior room on the lowest level of your home.
  • Protect Your Home: Storms might damage your property, so you must install storm shutters or board windows to protect against flying debris. Check and repair roof shingles, doors, and windows to safeguard against leaks and damage. It would help if you kept checking it by trimming trees and removing dead branches that could fall during a storm. Secure for outdoor furniture, decorations, and other items that could become projectiles in high winds.
  • Review Insurance Coverage: – Review your homeowners or renter insurance policy to understand what is covered in the event of storm damage. It becomes crucial to consider purchasing flood insurance if you are in a flood-prone area.


By taking some proactive actions, you can help protect yourself, your family, and your property from the potential dangers of severe storms in Texas.

Excel Construction Group believes residents should stay informed, be prepared, and take required precautions to ensure safety during severe weather events. We contribute effectively to the process of recovery and rebuilding your property. Contact us at (844) 601- 7663 or schedule a free roof inspection to determine your roof’s condition and understand that the roof can handle storm damage.

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