TPO Roofing Options: Replace, Recover, or Recoat?

TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) is a type of roof consisting of a single-ply roofing membrane used by many commercial buildings. TPO has become a common choice for most business owners and contractors as it remains quick to install and more affordable per square foot than PVC single-ply systems. TPO is also a white material that gives better reflectivity than darker-colored traditional roofing materials. It can reduce the energy load on building HVAC systems and decrease energy costs.

There are three primary options: replace, recover, or recoat. Every opportunity has advantages and should be carefully evaluated based on the conditions of your TPO roof, budget, and long-term goals. Let’s take a closer look at these TPO roofing options and situations that might make you make an informed decision.

What’s the difference: Replace, Recover, or Recoat?

What's the difference: Replace, Recover, or Recoat?


If your TPO roof is damaged, aged, or might have witnessed frequent leaks, then a complete replacement of the roof is the best action to be taken. Such TPO roofs typically have a 20-30 years lifespan based on diverse factors like climate, maintenance, and exposure to the elements. Replacement might offer a fresh start, permitting you to install a new TPO roof membrane and witness any underlying issues. It ensures your roof’s functionality, durability, and longevity for years to come.


Recovering an existing TPO roof involves the installation of the new TPO membrane layer over the existing one. This option remains suitable for homeowners when the underlying roof structure is in good condition, and the existing TPO membrane is not extensively damaged. You might get diverse benefits from recovering, like cost savings and reduced labor compared to the total replacement. Roofing professionals can minimize waste by using existing roof products. Although, homeowners need to consider the weight load on the roof and local building codes to ensure that adding another layer is permissible.


If your TPO roof shows signs of wear and minor damage but still has decent life left, then a roof coating is considered one of the appropriate options. Roof coating offers an additional protective layer that can help enhance the life of your TPO roof and its performance. Some coatings can help with waterproofing, UV resistance, energy efficiency, and reducing the overall temperature of the roof surface. Although, it becomes crucial to evaluate the roof’s condition carefully and consult with experts to ensure that a coating is suitable and will address the particular issues you might be facing.

What’s your roof situation?

What’s your roof situation?

The choice between replacement, recovery, or recoating depends mainly on your circumstances. In cases where the roof has sustained significant damage, a repair TPO roof or complete replacement with a new TPO roofing system might be required. It is often possible to determine the issues for moderate damage by adding a new layer of TPO over the existing membrane in the affected area. The extent and severity of the damage will choose the most appropriate course of action for your TPO roof. Light damage might be fixed by recoating the damaged part of the roof. Recovering and recoating a TPO roof are more cost-effective options for business owners than replacing the entire roofing system. Although the primary goal is to keep your building dry, it is required to replace the whole thing.

Excel Construction Roofing Specializes in Commercial Roofing Systems

Excel Construction Roofing Specializes in Commercial Roofing Systems

TPO roofs have a lot of benefits, including thoughtful competencies that assist you in keeping your building cooler in hot weather and lowering your utility costs. Whether lacing, recovering, or recoating your TPO roof depends on the roof’s condition, budget, and long-term goals. If you want TPO roof replacement or repair, call your local TPO roofing manufacturers for assistance.

At Excel Construction Group, we have a team of experienced roofing professionals who can provide assistance in evaluating the TPO roof and guide you in selecting the most appropriate option. Our professional can assess the roof’s condition, identify any underlying problems, and help you determine the best option that meets your needs and budget.

Contact us Today for compressive assessment and expert advice on your TPO roofing needs in Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma. We’ll help you to determine whether replacing, recovering, or recoating your TPO roof is better.

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