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Haltom City, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, experiences a humid subtropical climate. It witnesses summers with typically hot and humid temperatures, and winters generally remain mild with moderate rainfall throughout the year. Considering the environment, roofing in Haltom, Texas, might find specific challenges like intense sun exposure, occasional heavy rainfall, and potential temperature fluctuations. The roofing materials must be durable and resistant to UV radiation. Proper ventilation and insulation are required to handle the extreme temperatures.

Excel Construction Group professionals in Haltom City recommend material that can withstand heavy rain and occasional storms. Regular inspection and maintenance are essential to ensure the longevity and performance of roofs in this climate. If you have any specific questions about the roof in Haltom, it is suggested that you consult Excel Construction Group, your trusted Roofing Company in Haltom. We provide tailored advice and solutions based on the particular weather conditions in the area.

Excel Construction Group: Your Trusted Roofing Contractor in Haltom, Texas

Excel Construction Group is a trusted local roofing contractor in Haltom, Texas. We have served your neighborhoods for many years, bringing local knowledge of how Haltom’s climate affects all roofing systems. Excel Construction Group provides high-quality workmanship and materials with the most current industry standards to protect your home or business from storms, hail damage, and other weather-related damages. Our team has over 26 years of experience installing roofs for commercial buildings, homes, and more!

Excel Construction Group: Residential Contractor in Haltom, TX

Excel Construction Group takes pride in delivering top-notch residential construction services in Haltom, Texas. Whether you want a new roof or renovation, our expert team ensures quality craftsmanship. Our approach is to provide personalized solutions to homeowners that can bring your vision to life. We provide free estimates for clients interested in a new roof or repair in Haltom, TX.

Residential Contractor in Haltom, TX
Commercial Contractors in Haltom

Excel Construction Group: Commercial Contractors in Haltom

Excel Construction Group provides comprehensive commercial services for businesses in Haltom. Our dedicated commercial contractors prioritize efficiency, functionality, and aesthetic appeal from office spaces to retail establishments to attain your business’s unique needs. Commercial roofing service is always complex, and general contractors need help. You need to contact trusted and reliable roofing contractors for the project.

Excel Construction Group: Roof repair in Haltom, TX

Excel Construction Group does understand the importance of a reliable roof. Our roof repair services in Halton, Texas, address issues promptly without any problems. If you witness any storm damage, leaks, or general wear or tear, then count on us to restore the integrity of your roof with proper care. In any emergency services, we can help you with the prompt assistance.

Roof repair in Haltom, TX
 Roofing services in Haltom, TX

Excel Construction Group: Roofing services in Haltom, TX

You always look for a local roofing contractor who can provide roofing services in Haltom, TX, with expertise, dedication, and quality workmanship. Excel Construction Group roofing services encompass installation, replacement, and maintenance. We provide various roofing materials and styles, ensuring a customized solution that can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your property.

Schedule Your Free Roof Inspection in Haltom

It’s that time of year again – when the leaves change, and winter is coming. If you haven’t yet had your roof inspected for this upcoming season, now is the perfect time to do so! Excel Construction Group helps you to schedule a free roof inspection today. Our experienced team will assess the condition of your roof, provide recommendations, and provide transparent insights into any required repairs or improvements.
Trust Excel Construction Group for all your construction and roofing needs in Haltom, Texas. With a commitment to reliability, quality, and client satisfaction, we are here to turn your construction and roofing visions into reality.

Free Roof Inspection in Haltom

How It Works

ROOF AND GUTTERS Free Inspection

STEP 1 – ROOF AND GUTTERS Free Inspection

As the seasons change, you must ensure you’re prepared for winter. The first step is a free roof inspection with our team of experts! We offer these inspections to help you take preventative measures before it gets too cold outside. Call us today if you have questions about our free inspection service in Haltom!

STEP 2 – Get a FREE Estimate on Your Roof!

Have you wondered how much it would cost to install a new roof on your home? If so, contact us to get a FREE Estimate on your roof! We are an experienced roofing company in Haltom that will take care of all the details from start to finish and provide you with a FREE estimate. Please take your time; contact us today!

STEP 3 – Repair Your Roof and Gutters

Roofing is an essential part of any home. It keeps your home and family safe from leaks and other hazards that could be potentially dangerous. You must act fast when you have a leaking roof, or the problem will only worsen.
We don’t often have to ask for approval before starting a job. But when it comes to repairing your roof and gutters, you’ll need our written approval before we start working on them. We don’t want to do anything without first getting your agreement, so if there is any confusion about what will be done with the work, please let us know as soon as possible. This type of work can take time, depending on the repairs needed.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing the right roofing company in Haltom is a crucial decision. Roofs are a significant investment for your home or business, so you want to hire someone with integrity and honesty who will care for your needs.

At Excel Construction Group, we specialize in roofs and can handle any project, from minor repairs to major replacements on residential or commercial properties. Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations while offering a job that exceeds industry standards. Our company has been providing quality services for over 26 years, and we’re confident in our workmanship and materials. We also offer rain gutter installation for homes in Haltom and downspout installation for residential and commercial properties.

We are partnered with manufacturers like Owens Corning, GAF, CertainTeed, Firestone, and Tesla – companies that provide excellent products.

Let us show you what makes us different from other companies so that your roofing needs will be met.

Excel Construction Group: Residential Contractor in Watauga


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Excel Construction Group specializes in roofing services, including installation, repair, maintenance, and inspection. We also offer assistance with insurance claims related to roof damage and roofing repair in Haltom, TX.
Excel Construction Group is proud to be a locally owned and operated roofing company in Haltom. We have deep roots in the community and are committed to providing top-notch roofing services to our fellow residents.
To schedule a roof inspection or request an estimate, contact our customer service team by filling out the contact form on our website: https://www.excelcg.com/contact/. Our team will promptly assist you and arrange a convenient time for the inspection or estimate.
Yes, we understand that roof emergencies can happen unexpectedly. Our company provides emergency roof repair services 24/7 to address urgent issues such as leaks, storm damage, or other unforeseen roofing problems. Please contact us immediately, and our team
will promptly assist you.
We accept checks, money orders, and credit card payments and provide financing options if needed.
Excel Construction Group has expertise in working with various roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, metal roofing, tile roofing, and flat roofing systems. Our team can guide you in selecting the most suitable material based on your preferences, budget, and the specific requirements of your property.
Yes, Excel Construction Group is a licensed and insured roofing company. We prioritize the safety and security of our clients, employees, and projects and carry comprehensive liability insurance to provide peace of mind.
Yes, Excel Construction Group stands behind the quality of our workmanship. We provide warranties on both materials and labor for our roofing projects. The specific warranty details will be discussed with you before the project begins.
Depending on the size, complexity, and type of material installed on your roof, the installation timeline can vary from 1 day to almost a month. For example, a typical architectural shingle installation can take a day or two, depending on the complexity of your roof. Contrastingly, if you are installing a metal roof on your larger home, the process could take up to a month. If needed, you can contact your contractor, who will happily estimate your timeline!
Yes! We are happy to provide references from our previous satisfied and loyal customers upon request. Contact your contractor to ask for references!
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