How to Fix Standing Water on a Flat Roof

How to Fix Standing Water on a Flat Roof

Flat roofs are a popular choice for most buildings because of their modern aesthetics and space-saving advantages. You might encounter the issue of standing water on the flat roof, which might lead to serious issues involving leaks and structural damage. It would help if you learned more about what a flat roof doesn’t have.

A clogged drain can lead to serious pooling on a flat roof, and unclogging the drain will resolve the issues. When the gutter or drainage channel is stopped, water can’t flow and remains collected on the roof. We’ll explore more about the causes of standing water on the flat roofs and provide ways to fix this issue.

How to Fix Flat Roof Ponding

How to Fix Flat Roof Ponding

Fix Low Spots

Commercial flat roofs don’t always remain flat, as you might find subtle slopes on the surface of the roof that might appear during the installation process or because of any weak spots in the roof or any specific focus of debris or precipitation.

Professional and qualified contractors need to understand how to slope a flat roof for drainage. All such slopes are meant to simplify the drainage system that stops the pooling water on your roof. It removes the extra water from the edges of the building.

If you witness any low spot on your roof, then you should contact a professional roofing contractor in Denver who can fix a low spot in a roof with some roofing plaster. The roofer can easily fill the low area and can offer a slope to match the existing slope of the roof.

Add More Drain Lines

The present drainage system might witness the issues of effectively removing the water from the flat roof; there are many things that you should look forward to getting help through the process. With the proper implementation of additional drains, there are higher chances of proper cleaning of the water from the roof.

However, most building owners don’t believe it until and unless they witness it in heavy rain and storms. Once they witness this, they take quick action and discuss it with professional roofing contractors in Austin. Any hidden drains can help to redirect the water away from the rooftop.

Replace The Membrane

The membrane of the roof works as a protective layer that helps in keeping the roof safe from moisture on the roof, attic or other areas of the building. However, due to strong winds, hailstorms and ponding water, your roof membrane might get damaged. You should install the new membrane for the roof with the help of a professional roofing contractor in Colorado Springs. They will guide us on how much ponding will remain acceptable on the flat roof.

Proper Installation of Crickets

For larger flat roofs or areas with extensive ponding, building owners or homeowners should consider the installation of crickets. It reflects the triangular stricture that is made of roofing materials like modified bitumen or EPDM rubber. It assists in diverting water from the low spots towards the drains and promoting the proper drainage system.

Using Roof-Levelling Compound

Roof levelling compound, commonly known as sloping compound or tapered insulation, is considered the material that has been used to form a gradual slope on a flat roof. Tapered insulation is used to avoid ponding water as the slope assists the flowing water and debris in navigating towards the roof drain. Such sort of material is used to correct low spots or ponding issues on a flat roof to ensure a proper system of drainage.

Tips for Roof Ponding Repair

Tips for Roof Ponding Repair

Repairing roof ponding or standing water becomes important to prevent structural damage and water infiltration. Here are a few tips for roof ponding repair:

  • Clean drains and gutters as they might lead to clogged drainage systems and might create weak spots on flat roofs.
  • Roof patching can be done on the affected area, but ensure to use either cement or a compatible patching material.
  • Resurfacing can be done by applying a new layer of roofing material or using any roof coating that is designed to improve water runoff from a roof.
  • Regular maintenance is one of the tips that flat roof owners should issue to prevent future ponding issues. It can also help in detecting problems related to drainage that can prevent them from becoming more severe.
  • Consulting professionals can help in resolving major issues related to the flat roof. Always get expert advice and tailored solutions to address specific needs.


Fixing standing water on the flat roof requires proper evaluation and appropriate solutions. Regular maintenance and proactive measures can assist in preventing the issue from recurring.

Excel Construction Group can work with you to determine the root causes of standing water and take the required steps to improve drainage. Our professionals can extend the lifespan of a flat roof, and it becomes essential to maintain dry and functional space.

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