What Happens if You Do a Roof Without a Permit

What Happens if You Do a Roof Without a Permit

Home improvement projects might be exciting and financially beneficial. Still, ensuring you abide by local regulations and get the required permits before starting any significant construction work is crucial. You often need a permit for roof replacement or repair. Building any roof without a permit might lead to diverse legal and practical consequences based on local laws and regulations. You have to witness legal penalties, forced demolition, insurance issues, and even lawsuits from your neighbors. If your roof meets the safety standards, it becomes easier to re-sell your property. Financial buyers may decline the request to prospective buyers for financial help.

Importance of Permits

Importance of Permits

For homeowners, it’s crucial to understand the significance of permits as it might lead to severe consequences. All building permits are issued by the local authorities to ensure that construction work meets all the safety standards, adheres to zoning regulations, and compliance with local building codes. These regulations are present to protect the safety and well-being of homeowners, the environment, and neighbors. With a building permit, contractors might be inclined to cut corners to save time and money, which might lead to substandard work.

Consequences of Roofing Without a Permit

Consequences of Roofing Without a Permit

For construction, roofing work is considered one of the riskiest jobs. Permit helps ensure that homeowners who are working with contractors are considering all the safety measures.

Legal Penalties

One of the most instant and severe consequences of roofing without a permit is the potential for legal penalties. If you get caught, you might have to pay fines or even want to remove or modify the work that you’ve done. The complexity of such penalties can vary significantly based on the location and particular violations committed. In a few cases, you might be subject to everyday fines until you rectify the situation.

Insurance Issues

Any project mistake or permit failure might affect the insurance company while clearing the claim. They might deny the claim, stating that the homeowner was negligent due to the inability to get a permit and complete work as per the required standards. Failure to obtain the permit might result in higher insurance premiums or a cancellation of homeowners’ policy in a few cases. It might leave you with the full financial burden of repairs and damage.

Difficulty in Selling Your Home

Shortly, homeowners might plan to sell homes, but unpermitted construction can be considered a major hurdle. Potential buyers might be hesitant to buy the property with a work permit, and they get the right to raise questions about the quality and safety of construction. It could lead to difficulty selling a home and reducing its overall value.

Issues in Refinancing

Lenders involving banks, financial advisors, or contractors might look for the required permits if you plan to refinance your home. Permit directly influences getting a loan and being influenced in terms of your refinance.

How much does it cost to get a permit for a reroof project?

How much does it cost to get a permit for a reroof project?

The cost of getting the permit for a reroofing project can vary based on the location and jurisdiction within Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. Different factors affect permit fees, such as local building departments, municipalities falling in areas, size, complexity, and many others. Here, we’ve given a general idea of the pay that you might have to pay for getting roofing permits in these states:

  • Texas: – Permit fees are usually determined at the local level and can be used across cities and counties. You might have to pay $50 to $200 for a roofing permit. Some smaller or rural areas might have lower fees, while cities might have higher. Also, this cost is based on the different types of roofing projects that are available.
  • Colorado: Roofing permits can range from $100 to $300. Larger cities have higher fees, and smaller cities have less costs.
  • Oklahoma: – Based on the city’s trend, you are expected to pay from $50 to $200 for a roofing permit.

It’s best to contact the local permitting office and go through the website to get up-to-date information on permit fees and requirements for the reroofing project.


Attempting any roofing project without any required permits might make you have serious and far-reaching consequences. Homeowners might have a hassle to go through the entire process of getting permission. Here, it becomes essential to remain educated about the legal regulations and get the necessary permits.

A professional can assist you in navigating the entire process of getting a permit. Excel Construction Group’s assistance for permits allows you to enjoy a safe, compliant, trouble-free roofing project that adds value to your home instead of creating headaches.

Contact us at (844) 601-ROOF (7663) for affordable roofing services in Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. We will guide you in getting permits and proceeding with the work without wasting time.

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