What Are the Pipes on My Roof?

What Are the Pipes on My Roof?

Have you found any pipes on your roof? Our roof includes many things like Gutters, Chimneys, solar panels and sometimes pipes. Pipes on your ceiling are plumbing vents that regulate proper plumbing working and keep methane gas out of the home.

Such pipes prevent any backups, clogs, and sewer smells that might come into the home. Let’s discuss more about roof plumbing vents.

How Roof Plumbing Vents Works?

Plumbing vents are pipes that run vertically through the home’s walls and come out of the roof. The line remains connected to the drainage pipe of the plumbing system and leaves out of the house. All the sewage pipes remain connected to the public sewer system that collects waste.

The purpose of the vents is to allow air to enter the drainage system. It then keeps the pressure even and permits the wastewater to flow outside. The roof vent pipes perform the important function through which proper drainpipe pressure can be managed, ensuring efficient sewage flow from the home into the sewer system. These pipes prevent sewer gases from entering the house again. Overall, this means that it contains entry of methane gas into the home’s living area.

Pipes Available on the Roof

Pipes Available on the Roof

Plumbing vents

Plumbing vent pipes on the roof help the movement of water, waste and air. However, for the smooth regulation of all systems, there is a need for air pressure that allows the action in the right direction of your pipes. Plumbing air vents permit the waste gases and odours to exit from the house through the roof.

HVAC vent stacks

HVAC appliances that remain inside your home, like A/C evaporators, water heaters, and furnaces, generate a higher heat level. These vents stay on the top of the roof where heated air comes outside from your home.

Attic Fans

Attic fans are valuable as they help in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. During summer, attics become a breeding ground for humid air and heat, which could be more conducive to pleasant living space. It puts extra strain on the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system as it struggles to combat the growing heat. These vents play a role in alleviating such issues by actively reducing heat.

Box Vents

Box Vents

It’s another crucial component of a well-ventilated attic. It’s available in diverse sizes, each serving a particular purpose. Smaller box vents remain connected to appliances such as bathroom vents and dryers, aiding in air circulation. Further, larger box vents are usually used alongside attic fans to efficiently remove hot moisture and air from the attic space. The entire combination assists in forming a healthier and more energy-efficient home environment.

Commercial roof vents

Commercial roof vents are available in diverse shapes and sizes, from ducts to enormous stacks. Such vents serve various functions, as most are linked to the hot air venting out of commercial buildings.

What if the pipe leak or get blocked?

Major issues can be witnessed if there’s a leak in the vent pipe, especially when the leak remains inside the house. Leaking plumbing vent pipe can allow unpleasant odours into the living space. The HVAC vent leaks might affect the air conditioning system as it permits the warm air to circulate in the environment. It needs urgent attention to repair these pipes available on the roof.
Blockage in plumbing vent pipes can affect the stability of the entire plumbing system and possibly cause unwanted flows. In the worst-case scenario, this might result in the movement of substances in highly undesirable directions. If the dryer uses a roof-mounted box vent, it’s vital to regularly inspect the vent screen for lint accumulation and other materials.

Call A Professional

Suppose you witness any issues with severe damage to the pipes of your roof and need replacement. In that case, you need to call for roofing professionals who can provide you with the necessary recommendations and services.

Excel Construction Group can assist you in regularly maintaining and inspecting your roof. You can get all the services for your inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement needs.

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