What are Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Roofs

What are Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Roofs

Green roofs, also known as living roofs or vegetated roofs, have gained traction as an innovative solution for urban challenges towards the environment. Homeowners are willing to transform into lush gardens and green roofs that provide benefits beyond an aesthetic look. However, with a wide range of benefits, they come with their own set of disadvantages. In this blog, we’ll explore more about the advantages and disadvantages of green roofs.

Advantages of Green Roofs

Advantages of Green Roofs

Environmental benefits

Green roofs contribute to urban biodiversity by offering habits for birds, insects, and plants. As per UKQBC, 44% of the total CO2 emission is released from buildings that can be reduced with green roofs. It reduces the requirement for air conditioning and ensures to generate less heat.

Improved drainage system

Every building requires sustainable drainage to counter flooding in case of heavy rainfall. Traditionally, a network of pipes connects to the sewage system and does the job. Green Roof is considered a terrific option for everyone. Plants can easily store water and substrate before being released into the environment.

Aesthetics Look

Green roofs give the best visual appeal to your property. Green roofs form beautiful rooftop gardens that provide relaxation spaces for building occupants. Now, grey concrete and acres of glass and steel are gone for a better aesthetic look. Green roofs offer a calming environment and aesthetically pleasing urban landscape.

Boost Thermal Performance

One of the significant challenges witnessed is poor insulation, which leads to substantial heat loss during winters and sweltering conditions over the entire summer months. With the implementation of the green roof, you can easily ensure improved energy efficiency and limit their usage of air conditioning too. Plants absorb sun energy that reduces the summer heat’s temperature, leading to efficiency in the colder winter by locking heat inside.

Improving air quality

Presently, air pollution has continued as an alarming issue across the world. Air pollution is a significant problem that has been witnessed within larger cities. Green roofs will improve the overall air quality by declining sulfur dioxide, nitrous acid, and even dust particles accumulated yearly.

Disadvantages of Green Roofs

Disadvantages of Green Roofs

Installation Costs

The major drawback of green roofs involves the cost of initial installation. Expenses associated with installing and designing waterproofing systems, drainage, soil, and planting can be substantial. Although you need to remember the incredible range of benefits highlighted earlier, there should be no reason to permit cost to play a determining role in your decision.

Need extra maintenance

Green roofs require extensive maintenance to ensure the proper health of the plants and structure of the top. Homeowners need to maintain regular watering, fertilization, weed control, and monitoring for pests, which are required tasks that can add more to the maintenance costs. Although, you can take care of this by yourself or employ someone to take care of it.

Additional weight and structural considerations

The added weight of the green roof components involves plants, soil, and water. All these elements lead to strain on the structural integrity of the building. It would help if you had guidance from a proper roofing construction group for the suitability of green roofs for your commercial and residential property. It might make you think twice about whether to proceed with the living roof.

Limited option for plants

Types of plants that can thrive on green roofs are often restricted to those with shallow root systems and the ability to withstand harsh conditions. Such limitations for the selection of plants might make you not adopt such a green roof.

High leakage risk

Homeowners might witness high leakage risk, possibly because of improper installation or maintenance. Water infiltration and leaks might damage the interior look of the building. In such sort of green roofs, there is a need for adequate waterproofing and drainage systems that can help you to mitigate the risk.

Professional Advice

Green roofs can be a viable option for homeowners to make their roofs look sustainable and visually appealing. Such a roof requires many environmental benefits like energy efficiency, drainage system, aesthetics, etc.

Although certain disadvantages of green roofs, like structural considerations, maintenance demands, and possible risks, might make you careful against these advantages.

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