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Solar panels are cells that are mounted on the roof of a house or building (or sometimes on the ground) and turn the sun’s rays into electricity that can be used. Tesla solar panels are one option that is becoming more popular because they have a few unique features.

First of all, the solar panels made by Tesla look great. They have a low profile, and the hardware that holds them in place is almost invisible. It’s rare to find solar panels that look so sleek and go so well with the architecture of a house.

The cells themselves can take a lot of damage. The Tesla cells can handle damage that would break the roof shingles and tiles.

The solar panels made by Tesla fit together perfectly with the Tesla Power Wall. The extra energy produced by the solar panels is stored in the wall so that the home’s appliances can use at night or when it’s cloudy. When the Power Wall is full, it will start sending power to the power grid so the owner can earn energy credits that can be used.