From Insurance Denial to Re-Roof: A Homeowner’s Journey with Excel Construction Group

I’ve had a few experiences with homeowners that have stood out to me during my time with Excel Construction Group. Meeting with Robert and Marcia H. was one of those awesome experiences. I had been working in their area and knocked on their door as my last knock for the day. Robert and his wife have served in the military and were expecting another child. He knew he was having a problem with his roof and he had called his insurance, but they unjustly denied his original claim. He allowed us to inspect and went over the damage with them. We educated them on him to reopen his claim and asked for a reinspect. He had us meet with his insurance adjuster and I assisted that adjuster in getting Robert everything needed for a complete re-roof.

Experiences like these are what keep me motivated and fulfilled in this industry.

-Kyle Teller

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