5 Ways To Keep Birds Nesting on the Roof

5 Ways To Keep Birds Nesting on the Roof

Birds are an essential part of the entire ecosystem, but they offer the enjoyment of hours and musical sound. These birds add value by keeping insects at bay and spreading seeds to promote the trees and flowers growth. However, birds can cause numerous challenges, like blocking gutters, causing damage to your roof, and creating unsightly messes. You can manage birds nesting on your roof in simple ways.

Can Birds Nesting Damage Your Roof?

Yes, birds can be damaged, but it depends on the type of bird and where they’re nesting. Some birds might build their nests in gutters as they’re high up and give a ready water source. It’s great for the birds but unsuitable for your gutter, as it might get clogged by nesting materials.
Birds dropping is also a severe issue as it poses health risks; large quantities of the stuff can affect roofing materials due to its acidic nature. It can threaten solar panels and air conditioners, preventing them from working effectively. Birds can quickly form a nest in hollow trees; your chimney might present an attractive alternative solution in an urban landscape. Nests can block the entire chimney airflow, which leads to smoke and dangerous carbon monoxide lingering in the home. Baby birds may slip and fall, which might wind up in your living room.

Tips for Birds Nesting in Roof

Tips for Birds Nesting in Roof

Install Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a humane and effective way to deter birds from landing and nesting on your roof. It can be easily installed with ledges, beams, and other areas where birds perch. Birds can sit inside the roof by forming their nests in gutters at the edges of the roof. The spikes are not harmful to birds but provide an effective deterrent. They are angled in such a way as to prevent birds from finding a clear space for nesting by both forward and backward angles. While birds can still land on the spikes, they are unlikely to stay long.

Make Use of Bird Stop and Netting

Bird Netting is another effective way to keep birds away from your roof. It can be installed over areas where birds are nesting or roosting, which prevents accessing entire regions. You might find pigeons making their homes under the roof tiles; it’s time to think about how to stop birds or create nets in your home. Bird netting sits just over the surface of your roof and prevents birds from getting to your roof in the first place. Installation of the bird stops at the front of titles that can prevent small birds from turning your roof’s tiny space into their nesting spot.

Remove Attractants

Birds are attracted to food sources and nesting materials. Keep your roof free of food scraps, traps, and other debris that birds might find appealing. In addition, shrubs and trimback are close to your roof to eliminate potential nesting sites.

Use Visual Deterrents

Visual deterrents like shiny objects or predator decoys might assist in scaring birds away from the roof. You can also hand shiny tape or foil strips near nesting sites or place a decoy owl or hawk on your roof to deter birds.

Install Bird-Resistant Roofing

If replacing your roof or building a new home, consider using bird-resistant roofing materials. All these materials are designed to be less attractive to birds, making them less likely to nest on your roof.

Install Bird-Resistant Roofing

Food Supply

Birds nest on residential roofs for easy access to food and protection from the elements. Most homeowners think about eliminating the food source of birds. That doesn’t mean you rip out your garden or cut down entire fruit trees. Instead, you must install bird netting over your garden area and around any fruit trees that prevent birds from getting into the food supply. It makes your property less appealing to feathered forages. You should also avoid regularly feeding your pet outside; birds might get tempted by any water bowls and outdoor food.

Excel Construction Group Can Help

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