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Hello Everyone!  My name is Paul VanderTop and I’ve lived here in Colorado since 1988 so yes,  I’ve seen how the front range has changed and grown since then.  I am a foodie at heart and love to be in the kitchen cooking up something that smells wonderful and pairs great with whatever wine I have on hand.  Throughout my life, I’ve done quite a few different things: Starshow Operator, Wine Sommelier, Sales Coach.  In between those things, I always seem to find myself back in the construction industry.  I have almost 10 years experience between Roofing, Trim Carpentry, and Hardware installation.   

I have been married to my wonderful wife since 2006. She is one of the few Colorado natives that still exist!  She is a classically trained vocalist who runs StudioK Music and teaches voice lessons.  She has a green thumb who always seems to come home with a new plant “pet”.

We have two children who constantly keep us on our toes.  Evenly matched and still out numbered. :)  My son, our oldest, is one big ball of energy.  He likes soccer, nerf guns, and all things that go fast.  My daughter is the snuggler and artist of the family.  She enjoys coloring, reading books, and anything pink.  When we can get clothes on them, you can often find us at a local park, Fly High, the Discovery Museum, the lakefront, shopping at the local farmers markets, going to concerts, or fishing.

Things I think are cool:

Wine, Good Shepherd Church, The Aves, The Colorado Eagles, Rockies Baseball, Homebrew, Hiking 14ers, Local Honey, Cooking, Star Wars / Star Trek (I’m in both camps), Bass Guitar, Cassandra Claire, J.R.R. Tolkein, Marvel Movies, Jazz, The Comedy Fort, DIY projects.

At ECG Denver Division my primary focus is on insurance restoration and exteriors.  My job is to help you get your property back after a storm.  From day one I will fight for you with the insurance companies to make sure you get everything you need to get you home back to completion.  My personal promise to you is that I will do things the right way without cutting corners in the name of profit.  I will use my experience to your advantage and maintain a high standard of quality and integrity in all I do.  Work with me, and you’ll see the difference someone who cares about you can make.

Contact Info:

Phone: 303-859-0484

Email: pvandertop@www.excelcg.com


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