How to Spot Early Signs of Roof Damage

How to Spot Early Signs of Roof Damage

How do I know my roof is damaged? If you’ve ever found yourself how to find out about roof damage. Roofs remain susceptible to wear and tear over time, and it becomes crucial to catch potential issues early to prevent them. We’ll explore how to spot early signs of roof damage, empowering you to take the required steps to maintain your home.

Shingle Damage

Have you noticed that your roof is missing several shingles? Or your roof shingles might have some cracks in them. The reason behind the missing shingles can be because of the high winds. Another reason behind the shingle damage is the installation issues that might have been damaged. It’s crucial to fix loose, missing, or damaged shingles as soon as you witness the spot of shingle damage.

Water Stains & Leaks

Water Stains & Leaks

You might witness water stains, leaks on your ceilings, water bubbles, or mold. Leaks are especially common during wintertime when most snow accumulates on your roof. Weather is not the problem for the Water leaks, but any roof installation or roof allows water and air to seep through.

Homeowners don’t have to wait for the signs of a roof leak as you can easily check for frosted nails in your attic holes and cracked caulking on your windows. Being responsible requires you to check for a leaking roof, and you can get a chance to fix it yourself. Although, it’s essential to allow professionals to perform the job.

Moss Spores

Moss Spores

Moss can be an early sign of roof damage and might harm your roof. It has been observed that some areas of the roof aren’t always exposed to the sun, which develops pockets of moss spores. While moss may seem harmless, it’s a sign that you might find leaks, damaged shingles, and wood rot.
Homeowners who find moss spores can take the required actions to remove them by properly scrubbing brush and water. Although you must determine whether such moss is light or excessive, you need chemical treatment if it is excessive. You can call a professional to inspect and use a pump sprayer to scrub each shingle and tile.

Gutter Problems

Gutter Problems

One of the early signs of roof damage can be a problem in gutters that requires proper projection. You should check your gutters by keeping a check for:

  • Leaves
  • Twigs/branches
  • Foreign Objects

Gutter allows the easily accumulating objects, which might be why the clogged gutters block water and prevent it from flowing away. Always be sure to keep check of your gutter’s downspout cage and any hangers, seams, and elbows.

Signs of Hail Damage on Roof

Early warnings also involve hail damage; when a large hailstone hits an asphalt shingle, it can tear or puncture it. Hail knows granules off the surface, and when shingle loses its protective layers of granules, UV rays from the sun start to destroy it. During a hail storm, more granules fall off around the damaged spot, and bruises grow.

Poor Ventilation

A home’s ventilation is one of the basic elements that everyone looks for. You might wonder about the few common signs indicating poor roof ventilation. If you find higher energy bills than usual, then it’s air that is getting trapped in your attic. It puts pressure on the HVAC system as it has to work harder to heat and cool down your home. Trapped air leads to a rise in moisture building. It’s required to check for mold growth, condensation, and damaged insulation.
Mold and fungi growth can lead to excessive dirty spots accumulating on your roof. Your roof might have signs of rust, pain, and wallpaper in your home.

Curled/Corroded Flashing

When homeowners check their roofs for any damage, they should pay more attention to the roof’s flashing. Flashing is a thin layer of metal that generally remains connected from the roof to your chimney. Your roof might have to flash near vents, skylight windows, valleys, or against the walls.
Flashing helps in redirecting the water to be able to pool and collect. It helps prevent moisture growth and roofing damage. Roof flashing is rarely susceptible to curling, cracking, or corrosion.


Take time to spot the early signs of roof damage to save you from costly repairs and ensure the longevity of your home. Regular roof inspection can help you take care of it and feel capable of performing the inspection. Determine the roofing company to maintain a routine for commercial buildings to check your rooftop for possible damage.

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