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Greg Herndon


Hello everyone! My name is Greg Herndon and I’ve made Fort Worth my home since 2018. I love the laid-back nature of this town and the people are amazing! Let’s just say that I LOVE TEXAS and everything we’re about! I grew up skateboarding, riding dirt bikes, boxing tournaments through the Boys Club, and any other rowdy pass time I could find. I love animals, friendly people, and I believe humor and gratitude are the keys to mental health and happiness.

I am an Illustrative Artist, Painter, and have spent most of my life making a living as a Tattoo Artist working alongside Oliver Peck, Dean Williams, Erick Maske , and numerous other accomplished artists. I’ve enjoyed a life of being completely submersed in the arts and entertainment scene, taking the opportunity to tattoo countless musicians, athletes, and almost every type of showman imaginable, along with thousands of interesting people from every walk of life.
I have two beautiful children that have somehow grown to adulthood way too quickly. My
daughter is absolutely gorgeous, charming, and witty! My son has the most likable personality of anyone you could meet, and I can hardly stop laughing at his silly sense of humor when we’re together. They are both talented musicians and they’re both extremely bright , tender-hearted people! Just good down to earth kids!
My favorite pass time these days is riding motorcycles! Sometimes the simplest things in life bring the most joy! Riding is my meditation, my relaxation, and my peace! The alone time I spend on my bike is something that I treasure immensely!
Things I think are cool:
Hot Rods by Ed Roth,
Lowbrow Art Movement,
Dallas Stars, Rodeo’s, Punk Rock, Sushi Axiom,
Harley Davidson and long winding highways!
As the Divisional Manager of our Corporate Location here in Watauga my main objective is to provide support for all of our employees and assist in providing the best possible service to our homeowners. My goal is to protect the homeowner and their property by providing solutions, working with insurance companies on behalf of homeowners to ensure they receive the money needed to bring their home back to pre-storm conditions, and to ensure property owners are 100% satisfied with the assistance we provide and the quality of our projects once completed. I have a deep desire to serve others by providing the best outcomes possible, and I have a true passion for my work! As I look back now, I realize that I haven’t become a part of this industry, it has become a part of me!

I’m looking forward to working with you soon!

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